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Specialist Not for Profit CCJ Removal Advice Bureau Service

If you have paid your CCJ within the 30 days permitted time, you can ask the Court to issue a “Certificate of Cancellation” this can be obtained by sending sufficient evidence of the payment within 30 days to the court. This needs to be sent along with a fee to the court. This is a straightforward process, but we can do this for you if you do not have the time for a fee of £199.00 If you have paid outside of this time, or haven’t paid the debt yet at all, we can still help with our CCJ Consent Order Service. We will contact the Claimant and mediate with them to establish an agreement between you and the Claimant. This is a special legal agreement that exists between both parties that enables the court to remove the Judgment. Once signed by all parties, you, and the Claimant this needs to be submitted to the court with a fee of £108.00. This is the fee the court charges to process the documents and place the case before a Judge. There is no hearing it is all dealt with behind closed doors and the court will make a new Order of Court, which should confirm that the CCJ has been removed on the terms as set out in the Consent Order. Our fee for this service starts at £349.00 plus the £108.00 Court Fee. Call us today on 0161 711 1300 to discuss your case so we can establish the facts and keep the cost as low as possible.

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Supportive and timely communication

April 23, 2024

Overall, happy with the support and the due diligence.

Great Experience

April 23, 2024

Thank you so much Olivia for helping us with getting the CCJ set aside, from start to finish it was a smooth experience and I’m grateful to Olivia and the entire team at CCJ Removals.

Excellent throughout

April 23, 2024

Regarding my CCJ I was dealing with a couple of people from this company but unfortunately they moved on to other jobs . Then Daniel Azizi took over the removal of my CCJ and I can honestly say Daniel was absolutely 1st class throughout and would highly recommend him . He is a credit to the company and well worth the 5 stars that I gave him. If you want to remove your CCJ or anything else ask for Daniel Azizi. Thank you so much .

Amazing service - CCJ gone

April 9, 2024

CCJ’s are stressful and take their mental toll. I tried sorting on my own without success, once I found and contacted CCJ Removal Services CIC they advised me of the processes/ timelines etc and now the CCJ that was wrongfully placed on me is gone.

Cant thank & recommend them enough. Liane specifically was amazing!!!

Removal of ccj

April 9, 2024

I can highly recommend this company as they did all the work for us regarding the removal of a ccj which we hadn’t realised we had one which we shouldn’t have had one in the first place. Very professional service too with informing us with the situation and how it developed. Thank you so much. Will definitely use them again should the need arise.


March 7, 2024

Great support and service! Liane Ayre provided advice and guidance throughout the process.

Great support

March 7, 2024

Mylah has been very supportive throughout the process. I would recommend this service.

Very helpful and friendly

February 21, 2024

Help me out to solve the problem. Very happy whith the outcome.

Thank you

Brilliant work

February 20, 2024

They act swiftly on your case and update as the process takes place. They do all the hard work for you. I had Emma and she was brilliant i would highly recommend her.

Thank you CCJ Removal Services

February 16, 2024

Emma worked on my case and she was able to get my CCJ removed. She was patient very clear and guided my through the process. There were a few others who were also very helpful in the office. It seems as if these guys know the processes well.

I’m so thankful that I can go back to having very good credit.

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Please complete this form to download the Free N244 Application Form BUT we strongly advise you to call us so we can assess your case and ensure you have the legal grounds to ask the court to remove the judgment from your name.