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A specialist social enterprise, not for profit advice agency fully insured and licensed to instruct Barristers, we will dedicate one of our friendly case workers to talk to the claimant and the court on your behalf and support you through the process of CCJ Removal

We are a not for profit, social enterprise CCJ Removal Advice Service

Our mission is to help those who have discovered a CCJ on their credit file, we charge a modest fee and we dedicate a friendly case worker to your case

The Case Assessment is FREE but if you decide to instruct us we charge a fixed fee.

3 Steps to CCJ Removal

We offer a FREE Case Assessment, to establish if there are legal grounds for removal, before proceeding with your case.*
Once we have confirmed this, we will explain our modest fixed fees, and this is dependent on the complexity of your case.

Step 1 We will assign a Case Worker to mediate with the claimant on your behalf.

Your Case Worker will contact the claimant and discuss your case, as a Civil Mediation company in most Small Claims that are Non-Contested, we can reach agreement with the claimant.

Step2 Your Case Worker can help you with the Legal Paperwork.

Once we have reached agreement with the claimant, we make sure that your paperwork is correctly drafted and satisfies the legal criteria.

Step 3 The Paperwork is submitted to the Court.

Once you have signed the legal paperwork, this must be submitted to the court for a Judge to Approve. Once Approved, the CCJ will be removed from your file.
You’ll get written confirmation of this directly from the court.

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Specialised CCJ Removal

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Gladstone Solicitors -v- Mr M, Kent
Gladstone Solicitors -v- Mr M, KentParking Fine
Papers sent to old address
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“Outstanding service!!!”
Amazing service from the offset!! The team has been patient with me throughout explaining all the steps to me and talking me through process. Kept me updated at all times and I was always in the loop. Really happy with the service and definitely recommend others to you in the near future…
Thank you so much"
Parking Eye -v- Mr D, Herts
Parking Eye -v- Mr D, HertsParking Fine
Postal Issues
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"“Best company I Highly recommend.”
The team helped me to remove a CCJ from my credit history. The application was successful, they were really professional trustworthy and they made the process going easy and smooth.
I highly recommend! I couldn’t be more happier for using their service."
Parking Eye -v- Mr H, Kent
Parking Eye -v- Mr H, KentParking Fine
Papers sent to old address
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“CCJ Help ”
The team helped me fight against two CCJs that were set on me in what I believed were unjust circumstances. 2 parking fines that were simply taken too far. They caused me a lot of anxiety and problems. I found them online and they got on board to help me get them to be set aside. We were successful with both. I cannot thank you enough. Always attentive to what needs to be done. Over email and over the phone. They are patient with you and listen to you. Special mention to the lovely lady who looked after my case. She was great. Cannot thank you enough for what you did for me.
Parking Eye -v- Mr D, Herts
Parking Eye -v- Mr D, HertsParking Fine
Postal Issues
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"“Best company I Highly recommend.”
The team helped me to remove a CCJ from my credit history. The application was successful, they were really professional trustworthy and they made the process going easy and smooth.
I highly recommend! I couldn’t be more happier for using their service."
PDC Law -v- Mr M, Cheshire
PDC Law -v- Mr M, CheshireService charge & Lease Contract Costs
Papers sent to old address
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“Simply the Best ” Right from the very start I felt I was in good hands, I was given clarity on my situation and a clear roadmap on how to achieve the desired goal . This was followed by regular check ins and updates on progress. Unbelievably we achieved the goal of removal of my CCJ from the register in much quicker time period than first expected. I am delighted by their service and most importantly the result. I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend the team to anyone who is in need of legal services. Thank You and keep up the good work!
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Judgment that a County Court Judge makes when someone has failed to pay money they owe to another party. The process starts by the claimant making a claim to the court and the court will then send you, the defendant, the claim and ask for you to either, admit that you owe the money and pay the claim in full, admit to part or some of the claim or defend the claim if you think that you do not owe the money at all. Whatever you decide to do – you must respond in 14 days.

If you agree that you owe the money even once a Judgment is made if you pay the debt within 30 days then there is no record of the action that has been taken recorded on your credit file and you will not have get a CCJ.

If you don’t reply to the court papers in the 14 days allowed, or don’t receive them, and such cannot reply, then a Judgment will be issued against you. If you have a CCJ registered against you and don’t pay an order can be made to take money out of your wages, A charge can be put on your property, your bank accounts can be frozen and bailiffs can be sent to your home to collect the money or goods to the value of the claim and the extra costs, charges and default interest.

A CCJ is also put on your credit file for six years warning banks and financial institutions that you have a history of debt. If you have an unpaid CCJ it will be virtually impossible for you to get a Mortgage, Credit Card, Car Finance or a Loan, especially from a high street provider and you would be forced to use a more “subprime” lender and even if this is available it will cost you much, much more for any credit that you obtain.

When someone makes a County Court Claim against you, you will be sent a Claim Form which explains how much the person is claiming and why they are taking the action, this is called “Particulars of Claim”.

You must respond the court papers in 14 days as if you do not then the court will issue a “Default Judgment” as essentially the court will believe the claimant without hearing your side of the issue.

There many cases, where you have discovered that you have a CCJ and did not receive the original paperwork and a Default Judgment has been made where you can make an application to the court to set-aside the judgement. This doesn’t mean that the matter is closed, it simply means that the claimant has to start the process again, should they wish to.

The way to find out if you have a CCJ is to check your credit file, there are a number of services available online to check this such as Equifax, Experian, or Noddle. This is the first step to checking what is registered against you and we would need to see this in order to help you.

Once you discover that you have a CCJ you need to act promptly. You can apply to the court by completing an N244 Application Notice to have a CCJ set-aside and the Court Fee is £275.00. However this is not always the best course of action as you need to decide if you are happy to pay the judgment debt or if you are disputing it. Also by submitting the N244 to the court, this will result in a court hearing, that you will need to attend, more likely in person and if you are NOT disputing the debt then this is the incorrect process.

If you are disputing the debt then it is important that when the N244 is submitted this is supported by a well drafted defence, also not to receive court papers/ the claim form, is NOT a defence to the claim. To defend a claim you must have a substantive reason that you do not owe the money, and never did, or the value is incorrect etc. Any defence should clearly explain why you believe this is the case and evidence should also be submitted with the N244 Application Notice to support what you are alleging. As outlined, this will lead to a Court Hearing which you must attend and the claimant will also be asked to attend. Always beware that if you take this action and you are unsuccessful then you could be ordered to pay the claimants costs for dealing with your application, which could be £500-1000 if they instruct a Solicitor to act for them.

If you want to remove a CCJ, where the papers went to an incorrect or previous address and you DO NOT dispute the debt and you are willing to the pay the debt, this should be dealt with by way of a Consent Order. A Consent Order is a special legal agreement between you and the claimant that enables the court to remove the Judgement. The Consent Order explains the legal reasons why the Judgment should be set aside and that both parties agree to this Order. In most cases this is approved by the court and the Judgment is removed. The court fee for this process is £108.00. However, it is very important that the Consent Order is drafted correctly and presents all the facts ensuring that the court have all the information on which to make the order to remove the judgment.

Timescales can vary but for a Court Hearing to be listed you can be waiting 3-4 months, except London Courts where the wait is more than 6 months, and for some courts over a year. For a Consent Order service our average processing times are 3 months but it can take longer. These timescales are not our timescales but mainly the delays caused by HMCTS (His Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service). Also some claimants take longer than others to respond and this also has an impact.

Our advice is that to remove a CCJ is not a “quick fix” and it does take some time to go through the process properly and anyone who promises a faster service than what we have outlined is not being transparent with you. There is a no quicker way to go through the process and no way of speeding it up. That said, it is of great value to make sure that this is done properly from the start to ensure that there are no additional delays as if your N244 Application or your Consent Order is drafted incorrectly then it will simply be rejected by the court and you will have to start again. The average response time for the court is at least 6-8 weeks. This is why it is imperative that you get some help with this process if you can.

Of course. You can view our Terms and Conditions by following THIS LINK (the page will open in a new tab on your browser).

Our Head Office is based in Altrincham in South Manchester, with Manchester Airport and junction 19 of the M6 10 minutes away. The CCJ Removal Services Team offer a national service and as a team we have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with court procedure.

Have you discovered that you have a CCJ you knew nothing about? Did you not receive the court papers? Were they sent to an old or wrong address? If so we can help, Call the team now for a free review of your case on 0161 711 1300  and get your CCJ Removed.

NOWE ARE NOT SOLICITORS and we are NOT REGULATED by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We are a Paralegal Business and we are members of the Institute of Paralegals (IOP) and the Civil Mediation Council (CMC).

We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance of £1M and we are Licensed by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) to Instruct Barristers. We assist clients in an Administrative Capacity Only. Our team is made up of ONLY either Qualified or Experienced Paralegals. We can provide you legal assistance as a litigation friend. We cannot go on the Court Records and you will remain a Litigant in Person (LIP) throughout your case. We can arrange Court representation for you via a Regulated third party Court Advocacy Provider, Barristers Chambers or a Barrister directly. We can help you to complete court paperwork, assist you with drafting documents and guide you through the Court process. You do not need to use a Solicitor for this type of service as they are usually significantly more expensive. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service at an affordable cost and always do our best to exceed clients expectations. You cannot make a complaint about us to the Law Society, The Legal Ombudsman or the SRA as we are not regulated and fall outside of their jurisdiction. If you have any questions about our service and how we work we welcome you to contact us so we can explain in full and email you full details of our services.

NO – We are NOT Conducting Litigation; we provide Legal Advice and Mechanical Administrative Support with your case. If Legal Documents need to be drafted OR Court Forms Completed this is done by Barristers whom we instruct using our Bar Standards Licence. You will remain a Litigant in Person throughout your case. We can arrange Court Representation for you via a Regulated third party, either a Court Advocacy Provider, Barristers Chambers or Barrister Directly.

The cost of removing a CCJ can vary depending on the complexity of your case, but as a Social Enterprise, we will do everything possible to keep your costs as low as we can. Our fixed fee’s start from £399 per CCJ, plus any court fees. For multiple CCJ’s we offer discounted package deals, depending on who the claimants and the value of the Judgments.

The best way to understand the costs is to speak to our team, who will talk you through the CCJ removal process and outline the price specific to your circumstances, and based on the information that you provide to us. We offer a FREE 15 minute case assessment, where we will take a detailed note of your circumstances and explore all the facts so we can give you the best advice so we can help you successfully remove your CCJ.

If you believe that you have a CCJ on your credit file but you are unsure which organisation has issued it then you can use a credit reporting agency to access your credit file. This process can be carried out online, and there are a number of ways of getting access to your credit report. We recommend CheckMyFile who will give you a 30 day Free Trial to access to your credit report. To sign up for a free trial and review any CCJs on your credit report please click here to open an account with them

If you are happy to pay the Judgment, then it might be that the claimant will Consent for the Judgment to be “Set Aside” however they will need to sign a legally drafted “Consent Order” outlining the legal reasons and grounds why the Judgment should be Set Aside/Removed, and this will need to be Approved by a Judge in the court. The Consent Order would need to be submitted to the Court with a Court Fee of £108. If the Consent Order is incorrect, for any reason and does not present the legal grounds or satisfy the relevant sections of law, it is likely to be rejected by the court, and you would have to start the process again. We deal with such cases all the time and the turnaround time for the claimant, to consider, sign and return a Consent Order can be 4-6 weeks or longer. Once this document is received back, this needs to be sent to the Court, along with the £108 Court Fee, payable to HMCTS, the Court will take 8-10+ weeks to process the paperwork and for a Judge to approve it and remove the Judgment. Therefore, the total timescale is 3-4 months, and it can take longer.

If you wanted to dispute the claim, then you would need to complete form N244 Application Notice, supported by a Defence Statement along with a court fee of £275 payable to HMCTS, this is a very complex process and this will lead to a Court Hearing at your local County Court, at which you would need to attend and present your case before the Judge, this can be very daunting. The timescales to be given a hearing date nationally are 4-6 months, however in London it can be a year due to court backlogs. If the claimant oppose your Application, which means they disagree with your Application and want the Court to refuse it, they will instruct a Solicitor to attend the hearing and if your Application is dismissed/refused by the Court and is unsuccessful then the Court will order that you must cover the Claimants costs dealing with your incorrect Application which would be at least £6-800, and could be more. This is information is to forewarn you that this is not a simple process, and if you can afford some support, it is highly advisable, this Court process is complex and is not easy to deal with. Our service is not for everyone, but for a modest fixed fee we will support you through the process and ensure that any Court documents are drafted correctly and meet the relevant sections of law. We would also ensure that you have a legal case before embarking on a course of action that may well fail and make your situation much worse. Also, the only organisation that can remove this Judgment is the Court – No one else.

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*Free Review/Case Assessment Terms

To provide a Free Case Assessment we will use our best endeavours to assess your case. Solely based on the information provided by you in our initial call we will try to establish if you have legal grounds to ask the court to Set Aside your Judgment (remove a CCJ). However, there are occasions where a case can be too complex or of too high value for us to do this and in such circumstances, we will advise that we can instruct a fully qualified Barrister to provide a written legal opinion at a fixed upfront cost. This is an essential component of our service as we are licensed by the Bar Standards Board and this enables us to provide clients with access to high quality professional legal advice at a reasonable cost. In such cases the Barristers opinion becomes your property, and you are not obliged to continue with any further services from CCJ Removal Services C.I.C.. The Barristers opinion will be offered to ensure that we are always giving clients the best advice from the first enquiry that they have made with CCJ Removal Services C.I.C.. There may also be circumstances where we have provided a Free Case Assessment and further information about the case is discovered after we have started the work. This also may dictate that we must then instruct a Barrister to provide a written legal opinion to ensure that you are taking the correct course of action and to protect you from becoming liable for the claimants costs.

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Call the team today for a Free Case Assessment *
We will explain your rights, how our services work, and how we can remove a CCJ.

Why removing a CCJ is important

It is becoming more common for individuals to have CCJs registered against them without their knowledge. The amount of times we move homes has steadily increased over the years and now almost 500,000 people move every year. This can mean that the paperwork relating to a CCJ is sent to a previous address that needs to be updated, one of the most common issues we deal with are Parking Tickets and often people move and forget to update their vehicle’s V5 Log book.  In many cases that means that CCJs are registered against individuals without them having any knowledge of the legal process beginning, or a Court Judgment being made against them. Most people will take action when they realise that a legal claim has been made and that there is a potential for a CCJ to be registered against them, however, if the CCJ paperwork has been sent to an old or incorrect address there is no opportunity to take control of the situation and this is where we can help.

The impact of having a CCJ registered on your credit file is significant. It can limit your ability to raise credit, such as mortgages, car loans or credit cards. It is not uncommon for people to only find out that they have a CCJ registered against them when they are going through the process of remortgaging,  need to secure new rental accommodation or are looking to take out a new car lease. This can impact an individual’s life choices as suddenly the plans to move house are stopped in their tracks because of a CCJ. It is also becoming more common for people to be vetted for new positions, especially in Financial Services. Government, IT and you even get vetted to be a Bus Driver!

Removing a CCJ from your credit file is important because it will remove any financial restrictions that may occur because of it. For some individuals that means that immediate plans can proceed, such as buying a home, whilst for others it means that significant financial events in the future are more possible than when a CCJ is on your credit file and it will once again open up the best deals available on the market.

N244 Application Form

Please complete this form to download the Free N244 Application Form BUT we strongly advise you to call us so we can assess your case and ensure you have the legal grounds to ask the court to remove the judgment from your name.