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CCJ Removal can only be achieved if you have “Legal Grounds”, this is established usually if there is problem with the service of the “Claim Form” The Claim Form is the formal legal court paperwork that is sent to you usually by post to the address the Claimant has for the Defendant, this can also be sent by email, but this is not as common. If you receive the Claim Form, you have 14 days to Acknowledge Service and this gives you a further 14 days to respond fully to the court, this means a total of 28 days from the date of service, which starts 2 days after the Claim Form is dated.

If you do not Acknowledge Service of the Claim Form, then you must respond to the court fully within 14 days. It is VERY important to note that you must respond directly to the Court and NOT the Claimant. If you accept that you owe the money you must pay IN FULL including any court costs straight away. If you do not respond to the Claim Form within the prescribed timeframe either 14 or 28 days, then the Claimant can ask the court to enter Judgement against the Defendant and the court will issue a Judgment in Default, this means in absence of a reply from the Defendant. Once Judgment has been registered you have 30 days from that date to make payment in full if you do this you can ask the court to Cancel the CCJ and we can help with this. Click here to read about our Cancellation Service.

If like many, you didn’t receive the Claim Form and you have discovered that you have a Judgment after the 30 days has expired then then this may give you the Legal Grounds to ask the Court to “Set Aside” the Court Judgment. The term “Set Aside”, means Removed from the Public Register of Judgements and your Credit Report and is often confused with the term “Satisfied”, which simply means that you have paid the Judgement, and this is completely different. If you have a Satisfied CCJ lenders and credit providers can see this on your report, and it will still damage your score and will prevent you from accessing certain types of credit.

If you didn’t get the Claim Form and you are happy to pay the Judgment debt, you would qualify for our Consent Order Service. This is where we mediate with the Claimant and establish the terms on which they would agree for the Judgment to be “Set Aside” which means “Removed” from the Public Register and then your Credit File. Click here to read more about our Consent Order Service.

If you didn’t get the Claim Form but you dispute the Judgment debt then you would need to submit an N244 Application Notice to the Court, along with a detailed Witness Statement.

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